Ready for a Little Fun?

You can keep your soccer skills sharp in any kind of weather when you play virtual soccer in Tonawanda's  GRILL at the Dome. It doesn't require an indoor soccer field for you to get the kind of practice that you need.

 Head over to SPORTZONE in Tonawanda when you're ready to play. Get your virtual game on with 1 or 2 player mode.

Great Read-Outs to Help You to Keep Track of Your Progress.

Average kick speed, goals and misses, and shot locations are displayed at the end of the game. The Penalty Mode gives you the chance to go head-to-head with the goalie, but beware! The simulation brings you ultra realistic action so the goalie  isn't about to let you have an easy shot or goal.

Bend the ball past the opposition and take the winning shot during the Set Piece Mode.

Choose Your Arena

You can select from the park, beach, and stadium and play just where you want to play using the kind of environment that is most challenging to you.