Big Ole' Burger Board

Big Ole' Burger Board

Stuffed Banana Pepper Burger - VOTED BEST IN BUFFALO!!!! 10.99

Topped with our three cheese garlic stuffing and grilled banana pepper rings.

Hamburger 9.99

Traditional All-American burger.

Western Burger 10.99

Smothered in BBQ sauce, melted cheddar & a few onion chips.

Mushroom Swiss Burger 10.99

Smothered in melted swiss and saut�ed mushrooms.

Bacon Bleu Burger 10.99

Topped with crisp bacon and crumbly bleu cheese.

Greek Burger 10.99

Covered with our greek seasoning and piled high with feta cheese.

Bourbon Burger 10.99

Smothered in our bourbon sauce with grilled onions and mushrooms.

Blackened Cajun Cheeseburger 10.99

Blackened with spices and buried in cheddar cheese.

Reuben Burger 12.99

Topped with our house smoked Pastrami,1000 island, kraut and swiss cheese.

Blue Ribbon BBQ Burger 10.99

Dry rubbed in THE GRILL's BBQ Rub, smothered in BBQ sauce & crumbly bleu

Horseradish Burger 10.99

Topped with grilled onions and THE GRILL'S horseradish sauce.

Smoker Burger 10.99

Topped with our house smoked BBQ Pulled Pork & cheddar.

Sticky Burger 10.99

Smothered in peanut butter (yes, peanut butter), monterey and cheddar jack cheese and finished with bacon.

Surf N' Turf Burger 12.99

Angus beef piled with lobster meat