Making Valentine’s Day Great Author: the Grill Date: 2016-04-28

Making Valentine’s Day Great

Planning a perfect Valentine’s date is something your ladylove expects you to do year after year. How can your cupid’s day date this year be different in a good, exciting way from the Valentine’s past? The answer - The Grill at the Dome!

Regardless what your romantic gift is, you would want to make the occasion extra special by giving it in an equally quixotic setting. If a sunset or candle-lit dinner somewhere far and posh is too predictable, expensive, or difficult to arrange because you're busy, The Grill at the Dome is perfect.

If you are celebrating the day with other single friends, you want fun. It is a fabulous venue to catch up with buddies and create wonderful memories together. The tag line “FRIENDS GATHER HERE!” over the front door is a promise that is meant to be fulfilled in The Grill at the Dome.  

Valentine's Day is a multi-generational event too, just as this venue is great for people of all ages. If you are married and can’t leave the children behind, or if you want to impress your girlfriend’s family, have no qualms that this is a great place for families as well. The venue may sound unorthodox, but if you want Valentine’s celebration to be one of a kind – The Grill at the Dome is that venue for you, your girlfriend, friends and family.

The HD Multi-Sport Simulators in SPORTZONE could be one of the biggest reasons to remember this year’s Valentine’s date venue. If you want “the real thing,” the indoor driving range - an 18-hole mini golf course - in The Dome could be the ace in this year’s date. The kids can have fun shooting baskets, scoring a touchdown, or kicking balls. The little ones can surely be shrieking with the Zombie Dodgeball and the Carnival.

What’s a Valentine without the romantic and delicious dinner? With our seasoned chefs busily concocting elegant and mouth-watering menus, expect your palate to go home exultant and satiated. Have something exquisite and romantic, if you want to keep the love and the passion scorching through the night. Go for the American favorites – try our prized Stuffed Banana Pepper Burger, pizza, and the famous BBQ dinner specials. If you have kids tagging along, our Kid’s Menu is packed with dishes that will never fail to stimulate your kid’s appetite, even the picky ones.

With the heady wine, wide delightful dinner choices, great service, and fun, The Grill at the Dome is undoubtedly the place to be in this season of love.