Great One-Dish Meals from the Chef Author: the Grill Date: 2016-04-28

Great One-Dish Meals from the Chef

Sitting down to a superbly prepared and present six-course meal can be a truly wonderful experience, but it is not something which most people would want to do all the time. Instead, most people are more likely to order a starter, a main meal, and quite often a dessert. The problem with eating out is the fact that so many restaurants only tend to offer meals are a quick and easy to prepare. This is why you won’t often see things like Shepherd’s Pie on restaurant menus, just like won’t usually see any pot roasts. These are just two one-dish meals which

When it comes to one-dish meals, it would take a lot to beat a good pot roast, but they take a bit of time to prepare, and it is not the sort of meal you would want to make only for one person. However, some restaurants are able to offer a good roast lunch or roast dinner on their menus because they get enough customers to justify it. In these types of establishments, a chef will just make one large pot roast on any given day, and once it is finished, it is finished. Others might only offer roasts once a week, typically on a Sunday.

Wholesome; Flavorful, and Versatile

Pot roasts can quite literally be bursting with flavor, and they can be as healthy for you as you want them to be because they are incredibly versatile. You really can add almost anything you want to your pot. Another great thing about pot roasts is the fact that once everything has been prepared and you have put it in the oven, your job is more or less finished.

What you choose to eat a pot roast with is really up to you. Many people enjoy it with rice and some gravy, while others prefer mashed potato instead of rice. In fact, you can even ditch both the rice and the mash, and opt for pasta instead.

How to Roast Beef to Perfection

There is nothing worse than trying your best to make a delicious roast, only to end up with a chunk of beef which is bone dry and tough to chew on. Fortunately, anyone can roast a chunk of beef to perfection every time, simply by following three basic steps:

  1. If your joint of is not already tied, you need to tie it with some cotton twine, every two or three inches. This should preferably be done after it has been seasoned.
  2. Pre-heat your oven to 375 degrees F (190 C), and once you start cooking the beef, only open the oven once in order to turn the meat over.
  3. Cook your beef for 20 minutes per pound of beef. So, if you are roasting a 3-pound joint of beef, you should cook it 1 hour, turning it over once after 30 minutes.

No matter how big your chunk of beef is, always cook it at 375 degrees F for 20 minutes per pound. Once you remove your roast from the oven, set it aside, cover it loosely with some kitchen foil, and allow it to rest for about 15 to 20 minutes, or even longer in time permits.