Don’t Overcomplicate Your Holiday Party This Year Author: the Grill Date: 2016-04-28

Don’t Overcomplicate Your Holiday Party This Year

As the holidays are rapidly approaching, people are doing their last minute bookings for the annual event. Fortunately, there is still plenty of time to help you to avoid a hefty price tag, while still having incredible food.

The first step is to plan ahead. If you think you’re going to head out with 200 people from work and get tables at any restaurant, you’ll be in for a rude awakening. If you plan ahead and make a reservation and have the space rented out for your office, then you’re setting yourself up for an incredible holiday party. So make sure you call The Grill at the Dome Restaurant in advance, and reserve enough seating for everyone in your office.

Here, you’ll have everything to create a simple event that the entire firm will love. We have an incredible array of dishes that will leave your mouthwatering and fill up those empty stomachs with comfort food. Set a budget in advance or have a prepared menu, and we’ll take care of the rest, ensuring every one of your guests is taken care of with the highest quality meals in New York. When you eat with us, we’ll even handle the cleanup work for you! That way, you can keep your focus on keeping up with all your employees!

We can even help you with entertainment too. Our Sports Zone uses the latest state of the art equipment to create a unique experience. With golf, hockey, baseball, and more all in our spacious location, you’ll have enough to keep everyone happy while you enjoy a holiday event unlike any other.

Of course, if you prefer to host your event at a banquet hall, or even the office, we can help too. Our incredible team of cooks and prep staff can prepare a holiday meal that will capture the wonder and joy of the holiday season. Just call us in advance, prepare a menu and we’ll send over everything you need for a series of dishes that will leave all your little elves smiling.

When it comes to having a holiday party, the goal is to have fun and to form a solid bond for the forthcoming year. Don’t set things up to overstress yourself. Instead, discover how The Grill at the Dome Restaurant can help you to achieve that. From pot roast dinner that brings back memories of winter night meals from your childhood, to cedar plank salmon that will warm your soul, we will ensure your holiday party is one that you remember. Just don’t forget dessert, where sweet treats like our perfect pumpkin pie, and other delicious delights will keep a smile on everyone’s face.