The Fun Party for the Young Ones and Young Once Author: the Grill Date: 2016-04-28

The Fun Party for the Young Ones and Young Once



Organizing everything for your little one’s red-letter day is something you’ll feel happy to do. Don’t you, however, wish it can be enjoyable for you and your adult relatives and pals as well?


Quite often, your adult guests will come either because it is a social responsibility or to accompany a child. You and they are not expecting, though, that the party will be an occasion that they will enjoy to the hilt or talk about days after. Why not make it different this year?


On your child’s next birthday bash, why not give your adult friends and relatives a great reason to come, stay and have fun? It is not impossible to hold a party that would be cool for everyone – from a tot to a grandma. The Grill at the Dome could be the missing piece in your party plan. It is the perfect venue for a party where both the young ones and young once can have a wonderful time.


What can make your multigenerational The Grill at the Dome party the talk of the town?


Start with food. No successful party can make the guests – kids or adults – happy without a delicious spread. Enjoy eating a delectable selection of fares – from delightful, child-friendly foods to festive menu for adults - prepared by skillful chefs. And because there is superb service there, you can enjoy the spread all the more.


Serve fun as well. In a venue where great food is combined with fun activities and amenities, there is always something else to capture everyone’s attention after the chow. There’s live music and THE GAME that adults can enjoy while the kids are busy with their games, videos and party favors. If the weather is pleasant, dine alfresco under the stars on the spacious patio. Revel in the18-hole miniature golf course, the SPORTZONE, and more.


The venue, the options, the mouth-watering foods, the excellent service – these are the reasons why “FRIENDS GATHER HERE” and why your kid’s next birthday party will be a memorable one.